Player Helper Applications - Frequently Asked Questions

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Player Helper Applications - Frequently Asked Questions

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This post will hopefully answer any questions you have about how you can become a player helper and what this role is about.

What is a Player Helper?
Helpers are our front line support for new players joining the server and their role is to guide and assist new players with any questions or basic issues they have that do not require a ticket or staff to support.

Also to welcome players and to help share any knowledge on how to play on the server if a question arises in chat.

They should:
  • Be a good communicator
  • Have strong knowledge of the server
  • Be familiar with the the server rules
  • Be willing to help others
  • Be able to remain patient and calm with difficult players
  • Represent the Player Helper team and server in a positive way
What are the requirements to apply for a Player Helper?
There are three main requirements that you must have met in order to apply for a player helper role, which are:
  • You must be 14, or older.
  • Have extensive playtime on the server.
  • You must not be staff on any other server or network.
Staff may overlook certain requirements if there is a need to fill positions.

How do I apply?
Players can apply to become a Player Helper by filling out this application form.

What should I consider before applying for Player Helper?
There are many opportunities in the game that can be fun and being a Player Helper isn't for everyone. Ultimately you should consider if you have demonstrated the requirements to be a Player Helper and if you can commit to this role. You are not expected to be active every day, but a moderate level of playtime is expected in order to keep the position.

Can I apply for other staff roles?
Positions are filled based on need and availability. Players who become moderators must have been a player helper before becoming staff. Being a helper does not guarantee you will get promoted and staff members may wish to take a lesser role if they feel they cannot commit the time.

I have applied but have not heard back?
Please contact an Admin on Discord or in-game if you have not heard back. If you application is on hold, this may be because there are currently no positions available at present and staff will contact you when a position becomes available. Please do not pester staff if your application is on hold.

My application was rejected, can I apply again?
We would recommend first taking a look at what may have caused your rejection. Just being an active player does not mean you will be reconsidered. Staff will take into consideration how you interact with players and if this role fits your skills. After you have received a rejection, we would recommend waiting a month or two at least before reapplying.
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