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TNT Requests

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TNT on the server is disabled by default for all players on the server. In special cases, TNT may be useful for clearing out major things more efficiently. TNT permissions may be granted for the following:
  • Clearing Eyesores;
  • Clearing Large Mountains/Terrains;
  • Underground Mines;
  • Other Cases (Please Request below)
TNT will only work on registered regions. As a player, you MUST be the owner of the region to where TNT will be used. It's suggested that you mark out the approximate area clearly of where the TNT will be used.

Players can be granted TNT permissions from any administrator. Admins approving TNT permissions should view the regions by teleporting to them and ensuring the usage is for the reason provided. Once, that's been checked out, Admins can place the TNT flags on the region, and issue the permission to the player that requested.

TNT duration lasts 1 month. TNT will expire after 1 month.

If you require TNT please fill out the form below, and an administrator will look into it.
Region Name:
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