Frequently Asked Questions

What is the server ip address?

This is

What is the link for the server's Discord channel?

Click on the following link for the server's Discord channel:

How can I vote for the server?

The following links provide vote keys when you vote for Spawnville:

How do I make a rent/sell sign?

You can make any of these signs by typing in the following example text onto a sign on/near your plot:

Rent Sign Sell Sign

How can I become a player helper or moderator?

It's great that you are interested and anyone can become a player helper or moderator, however availability of these roles depends on the number of players active and the needs of the server.

You can suggest a player that you think would be great in one of these roles via a suggestion form that will be added here soon. The staff team will review these suggestions periodically however this does not guarantee that player will be promoted. Please do not ask staff in-game if you can be promoted as this could annoy staff who are trying to help other players.

There are no staff online, how can I get in touch with someone?

Players may only be available at certain times due to differences in timezones and personal commitments. You can also contact the staff team via our Discord Channel and someone should get back to your shortly.

What commands are available on the creative server?

The following commands are available:

  • /count - Counts the number of blocks in a selected area.
  • /fly - Allows player to fly.
  • /p claim - Claim a plot.
  • /p clear - Wipes a plot back too its original state..
  • /p delete - Removes your ownership of the plot.
  • /p visit - Visit a player's plot.
  • /p flag - Sets a flag on a plot.
  • /p claim - Claim a plot.
  • /p merge - Merge a plot.
  • /position - Gives you your current location.
  • //copy - Copies all blocks in a selection, relative to the position and direction you are standing.
  • //cuts - Copies and removes a block that you have selected.
  • //expand - Expands a selection in a specific direction.
  • //paste - Pastes all blocks relative to the position and direction they were copied from.
  • //pos1 - Selects a first corner to start making a selection.
  • //pos2 - Selects a second corner to finish making a selection.
  • //set - Changes everything selected to a specific block.
  • //size - Gives you the size in blocks of the selected area.
  • //stack - Duplicates a selected block in a specific direction.
  • //undo - Undo any changes you made using a worldedit command.
  • //wand - Gives you a wooden axe to use a selection wand.