How to Play

What is this server about?

Spawnville is a city economy server designed for those miners who aspire to be budding entrepreneurs. Build your empire or become Mayor of your very own city!

Finding somewhere to live...

There are many place you can find to live. Government and player cities often have plots to buy or apartments to rent. Ask in in-game using chat to see if any players have a plot available.

Land can also be bought in the wild, however you can only region land if it is 120 blocks away from a city. This is great if you want to create your first home away from the bustling cities or want to find somewhere to eventually create your own city.

How to make money...

There are lots of opportunities to make money in-game. Players may choose to grind mobs for bounty, fish for items or mine blocks to sell to any one of the government trade centers or player shops. We also have an auction house plugin to sell items direct to other players.

Once you have enough money in your balance you may want to buy a plot in a city and start your own business selling items or building designs for other players.

The most advanced players may want to start a property empire or run their own city. You can also win rewards from quests and minigames to earn extra money. The world is your oyster!

How much is it to buy land?

The following is a list of plots prices for various types of plots. These are only guide prices for players; plots may be auctioned on the forums with different values:

  • Land in the wild - This is $5 per block (full height included) and is the cheapest type of land available.

  • Government cities - Prices for plots in government cities are set by the server administration team. This is usually $20 per block, however prices may get cheaper depending on how close they are to a warp or teleport hub. The Government reserve the right to reduce prices occassionally when there are special offers so keep an eye out for those.

  • Suburb plots - Suburbs in government cities are usually $10 per blocks. Commercial plots or those near a TP hub may be priced as high as $20 per block.

  • Player city plots - These are set by the player owners/mayors of that city. Each plot being sold should have a flag greeting indicating where the rules board is. This should give you details of plot prices set by the city.