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How to Play

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Spawnville is a city server with lots of opportunities for gameplay. Aside from basic survival, there are three main aspects to the server and these are:
  • Cities - One of the major features of the game is the ability for you to region land and if you want to, start your own player city. By creating sub-plots to sell/rent to players you can become mayor of a city if it meets the requirements.
  • Economy - The server has lots of ways for you to make money, from grinding to doing jobs or running your own market-stall/shop/business empire. To run a company you will need to register this to protect your brand. You can also sell shares for your business to raise money and we will soon be setting up the first stock market. Our currency is the Spawn dollar ($).
  • Democracy - Rules relating to player conduct/behaviour is set by our server staff however everything else is voted on by you the player. Each year there is an election to the player senate government city mayors and for various government roles, including President. A constitution lays out the law of the land according to you the player and if someone breaks the law we have a justice system as well.


To enhance your gameplay we also have introduced some extra features, which include:
  • Factions - Build and defend your base in our factions PVP server.
  • Creative - Want to create a design for fun? Do you sell designs for your economy server company? Our creative server is available for you.
  • Mini-Games/Events - As well as Bedwars, we have lots of events and games run by server staff and our events team. You can also win rare awards from our seasonal events as well.
For further help and support, please see our support section here.
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