How to handle an eviction

Private city owners can request evictions here.
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How to handle an eviction

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If an owner of a plot in your private city has violated the rules that they agreed to when buying the plot, they can be evicted using the following procedure. For every eviction from a private city, this procedure needs to be followed.

Evictions for violations of eyesore rules (or other rules about the contents of the plot):
If a building breaks the eyesore rules of the private city, the owners need to be informed with an in-game mail. Furthermore, signs need to be placed next to the plot explaining to the player specifically and in detail what is wrong with the building, how it can be fixed, and how much time the player has. At this time a picture also needs to be taken that shows the signs and the part of the building that is breaking the rules. This can be multiple pictures if necessary.

If the fixing period has passed and the building has not been improved enough, another picture can be taken. Both pictures can be uploaded to the forums, along with the name of the player and the name of the plot. Please make sure that chat is not disabled in either of the pictures. An admin will then approve or disapprove the eviction request.

Only make an eviction request if the rule that was broken applied when the player bought the plot, and if a region greeting pointing to the rules was set on the region at the time of the purchase.

Evictions for inactivity:
For inactivity evictions, no pictures are required. If the player has not been online for the period specified in your rules, simply post the name of the player, the name of the plot, the inactivity period in your rules, and the inactivity period of the player in a topic.

Eviction requests will be assessed based on the following:
  1. Did the player violate a rule of the town? Is the interpretation of the rule by the town owner reasonable?
  2. Did the rule that was violated apply at the time that the plot was bought?
  3. Was the player made aware of the rules before buying the plot, through a sign or region greeting?
  4. Was the player sent a mail, informing them that their plot had been marked an eyesore?
  5. Did the town owner explain clearly, in detail and specifically what was wrong with the plot and what the player must do to fix it? Did they tell them specifically what blocks need to go and make suggestions for what they could be replaced with?
  6. Did the player make insufficient progress in attempting to fix the eyesore?
  7. Does the player need to be evicted, or are the problems of the building so minor that the town/city owner can be given permission to fix it themselves?

If all these questions can be answered positively, the town owner will be given permission to evict, unless there are special reasons for the eviction not being approved. When permission is given to evict, only the plot owners can be evicted. Members of apartment regions cannot be evicted, and their apartments cannot be damaged in any way.
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