Spawnville City Department

Information about city tiers and applications as well as eviction requests can be found here.
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Spawnville City Department

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We are officially announcing that the City Department is open for applications to join the team. This will be a mix of players and staff, who will be in charge of approving every city, city rule update, and eviction.

Here is the current list of roles in the department:
Department Head Thendil (Acting)
Evaluator (x 5)

Whenever you need something from the city department, one of these players and some of the staff will be the ones handling it.

City Approvals
If you need a city approved, do not do /ticket create! Please contact one of the members above via Discord. After 3 days, you will receive our initial decision; either you can be approved or we will give you a list of things to fix. You will then have to wait at least 5 days before asking us to evaluate the things you needed to fix. If everything is good, you will be approved!

Anything relating to cities requiring approval are now handled by the department.

City Evictions
Please post your city eviction requests in the same place as always. Please make sure you follow the eviction request guidelines as well! A member of the city department will then either approve or disapprove the eviction.

City Tiers
City tiers are the same! Continue to post your applications here.

If there are any questions or concerns, reply below :).
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