We have split our rules up by each of our servers to make it more easier to see what applies to each specific type of gameplay. General rules apply to all servers and can be found further down on this page. For rules that apply specifically to staff members, please click here.

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General Rules

Account Usage

Players are only permitted to have one account per player. Multi-accounting is not allowed and therefore players found to be using multiple accounts may have additional accounts banned from playing in order to prevent users transferring starter balances. Please use the report an issue page to let us know if you feel you have been unfairly banned.


Players are expected to treat all other players with respect and to be courteous at all times. We promote a safe and inclusive game and may take action to remove players if it is deemed necessary. Some things we do not tolerate include:

  1. Bullying and harassment of players/staff
  2. Excessive swearing
  3. Spamming and advertising other servers on the website, in-game or on any official server Discord channel.
  4. Language or abuse that may be deemed offensive to a player's race, religion, sexuality, gender, sex, disability.
  5. Trolling and general toxic behaviour.
  6. Impersonating staff, players or the server.
  7. Illegal PVP - This is limited to specific areas and events.
  8. Doxing
  9. Any other communication that may endanger another player's safety.

We ask players to recognise that some players are under 18 and we cannot be responsible for all actions taken by other players at all times and on all platforms. We strongly recommend players to always take caution when being online. Some useful tips and guidance have been produced for those aged 11 to 19.

Common Sense Rule

Where these rules do not apply to a specific issue or situation, it is expected that players will use their common sense. Anything that gives players and unfair advantage or causes disruption to the server or its performance it not accepted and players are advised to use their common sense. If something falls into a grey area, players are advised to contact staff if in doubt and will be expected to follow their advice.

Changes to Rules

Any changes to the rules must be listed on the website for them to be in effect. All changes made to these rules will be considered as retrospective. Staff will endeavour to keep players aware of changes by posting on the server's Discord channel.

Players whose gameplay is negatively affected by any rule changes can make a case to the Supreme Court in order to resolve issues, except where related to player bans.


Players may only use mods to enhance their game in a way that does not gain an unfair advantage over another player or causes any issues with the operation of this server. If in doubt, please contact a member of the staff team who can advise whether a specific mod would give you an unfair advantage. We do not support third party plugins.

Duping or any exploitation of glitches with the game, its plugins or current configurations will not be tolerated. Items found to be obtained through this will be removed.